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Spacemaster Watch Face AW-09

0.99 usd

The AW-09 Spacemaster Flying Stars is a unique futuristic watch face that features animated flying stars! The stars even react to tilting the watch. Just turn your watch left or right and see for yourself.The current date is shown as "stardate" in the format YYMM.dd.
Of course charge levels for watch *and* phone are shown. The options menu in the Wear Companion App gives you control over several options. This includes switching animated stars on and off and a vibrating notification in case the phone connection is lost because you have left your phone behind.
The second hand (tractor beam), if congured, shows the connection status. It turns red in case the connection to your phone is lost.
This watchface requires very little memory and features low power consumption. This is an aspect that as been explicitely taken care of in this watch face's development. Automatic display optimizations are activated for different screen types (OLED, transflective LED). Superb readability on transflective LED.
★ animated star field unique visual effects★ watch and phone battery status★ vibrating phone lost notification★ customization options★ low power consumption★ low memory consumption★ optimized layout for round and square devices
NB: Requires a wearable with Android 5.0 or higher. Allow up to 2 Minutes for the watch face to sync and show up for selection. All settings are available through the android wear companion app.
Languages supported: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
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